Transfer Service

To transfer water service from one property to another

Please call (520) 682-7331 or
stop by our office at:

11821 W Picture Rocks Rd Tucson, AZ

Documents Required: Before service can be transferred

  1. Warranty deed or settlement statement on the new property (owner)
  2. Lease or rental agreement on the new property (renter)


To be eligible for a transfer of service the following requirements must be met:

  1. You must currently have an active account in our service area in your name
  2. You must cancel service at the old property and setup service to the new property on the same day


If you have met the requirements:
  • Your deposit (security deposit only) and your remaining account balance will be transferred to the new property at no additional charge

Please Note: A transfer of service is from one property to another only. If you are only wanting to change the name on the account you must follow all steps required on an Existing Service setup. See Existing Service for more info.