About Avra Water Co-op, Inc.

Avra Water obtains water from the Avra Valley aquifer. The Avra Valley aquifer begins as the Altar Valley aquifer located on the Arizona/Mexico border. The Altar Valley Wash watershed flows north into the Avra Valley and the Brawly Wash watershed around the Three Points area.

Our aquifer was created primarily from mountain runoff and storm water infiltrating beneath the ground along the Avra and Altar Valleys. Carbon-14 test results indicate that our water is very old- probably thousands of years old. We are fortunate to have a water of this quality for our use.

The Avra Water Co-op pumps water from the Avra Valley aquifer with deep wells. All of Avra’s wells are located within our water service area. Water is pumped from the Avra Valley aquifer by our wells to the five reservoirs in the system.


Board of Directors

Avra Water Co-op’s Board of Directors consists of seven members who provide direction to the Administrative Manager and oversee the budget and capital expenses. They are all co-op members and active in the community.

Our Current Board Members:

David Marlow President
Nils Julin Vice President
Jack Wheat Treasurer
Colleen McDonald Secretary
Doug Schneider Director
Geoff Caron Director
Currently Vacant Director