The New Noel Reservoir!

Construction on our new 700,000 gallon reservoir has begun! The site is located just east of the existing 500,000 gallon reservoir. The grading has been completed and the concrete ring that the reservoir will sit on should be formed and poured by May 26th. Check here for updates on the project and feel free to contact us with any comments, questions, or suggestions; they are always welcome!


Construction Areas!

Occasionally, we will have to shut-off water service in certain areas in order to do maintenance on the system.
Whenever we have planned maintenance, we will post any possible shut-offs or traffic delays in this section of the website. Please keep in mind that emergencies do happen and there may be cases where we are not able to post a shut-off due to the urgency of correcting the problem. You can always contact the office with any questions.

Important Dates